Cannabis Oil Experts

NuSierra’s cannabis oils are the building blocks of cannabis medicine – cultivated and processed organically in Colombia

Why do Canadian cannabis brands choose NuSierra as a production partner?


NuSierra’s medical cannabis is naturally, sunshine-grown by horticulturists and master growers in the heartland of Colombia. Our minimizes environmental impact, using only safe, organic pest control.


NuSierra disrupts the rapidly-expanding international medical cannabis market by cultivating in Colombia – a geographically, environmentally, and legally ideal location


Cannabis extraction is the riskiest part of the production process. Let NuSierra handle production, so you can focus on what you do best: distribution, retail, and business growth

Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Oil Production

Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis Oil Production

NuSierra’s cultivation process meets the highest standards for pharmaceutical grade cannabis:

  • Standardized CO2 (supercritical) extraction process
  • Minimize loss of terpenes with the most advanced technology commercially available
  • 3rd-party testing to meet Canada & international pharmaceutical standards
  • Quality assurance process compliant with ISO9001
  • Facilities compliant with international cGMP requirements