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Natural cannabis production pursuant to the highest agricultural quality standards (certified Organic and GAP) as feedstock for highly regulated, large-scale CPG, OTC and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Pharmaceutical Cannabis Extraction

Classified environment production of cannabis extracts and derivatives for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes compliant with international GMP standards (E.U., LatAm, Canada, etc.)

Global Supply

We handle API supply, formulation and product manufacture so that you can focus on what you do best: distribution, retail and growing your business.

Your trusted wholesale partner for cannabis flower – from the fields of Colombia to your production facility

Don’t worry about meeting the growing demand requirements coming from your patient population. Partner with NuSierra for quick and easy access to pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis. Then you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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The Cannabis Industry May Provide a Boost To Small Towns

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Thanks to the legalization and the growth of the cannabis industry, small towns that once predominantly relied upon the extraction of natural resources can continue to diversify their local industries by growing cannabis. There is plenty of room in the still growing market, especially for licensed producers and cultivators intent on creating quality cannabis goods for a market whose supply has yet to meet demand.

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The Differences Between Cannabis and Alcohol

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In many provinces and territories across the country, cannabis is being treated much like alcohol. In fact, some provinces have the same government agency regulating sales of both. It’s important for those new to cannabis to understand the differences between cannabis and alcohol and to keep those differences in mind when partaking.

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Germany Authorizes Medical Cannabis Shipments from Latin America


It’s big news that Germany has authorized a medical cannabis shipment from Latin America. Only medical cannabis is legal in Germany, and researchers remain interested in determining its effectiveness in treating or managing different ailments. With its first shipment of medical cannabis from Latin America, Germany hopes to test the reliability of its new partners and establish the feasibility of cannabis trade with Latin American countries.

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We’ve mastered the latest in CO2 extraction technology, meeting international GMP standards

NuSierra’s oils and distillates are produced using the latest in advanced CO2 extraction, creating pharmaceutical-grade extract at the lowest possible cost. Our facility is designed to meet Canadian and international pharmaceutical GMP standards.