Bulk Refined Oil

Bulk Refined Oil

Single Source Pure™

Relevium™ is a premium oil with preferred consumer characteristics: full-spectrum, terpene rich, golden hue, and high levels of minor cannabinoids. Relevium™ refined oils are extracted from premium whole bud using CO2 extraction. All of our extract products are produced to ensure a consistent, high-terpene, full-spectrum oil.

CBD tinctures are in high demand

Our RediMix and RediFill Relevium™ oil make life simple. They are diluted for U.S. distribution using a carrier oil of your choice, to standardized concentrations. They are the perfect solution for manufacturers with bottling and labeling capabilities as they are ready to bottle in our Active, Daily and Original formulations. 

NuSierra focuses on full-spectrum, CBD with all of the “good stuff,” including minor cannabinoids, that consumers expect. All of our products are thoroughly tested for cannabinoid potency, residual solvents, heavy metals and microbial contents, before release to guarantee that they are in compliance with federal regulations and up to our high standard. Need 500 liters or more? Not a problem. NuSierra can facilitate shipment of its products in bulk to International and U.S. destinations.