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Cannabis Law Enforcement Spending is Good News for Dispensaries

As the first G7 nation to legalize medical marijuana, the world is watching Canada. Providing access to medical cannabis was a great first step for the country and with the legalization of recreational cannabis close at hand, the government is rightly stepping up its enforcement of cannabis laws by increasing funding. In addition, some provinces are also setting aside funds for cannabis law enforcement and police training.

This is good news for Canadian cannabis companies.

How Increased Cannabis Law Enforcement Funding Affects Canadian Cannabis Companies

The Cannabis Act is set to allow for the sale of recreational cannabis use nationwide — something only Uruguay has allowed to date. As only the second nation to permit the sale and use of recreational cannabis, Canada has taken care to research and learn from individual U.S. states where recreational marijuana is already legalized. Doing so has helped the country plan for the rollout, though there is still much to be done. Increased funding for cannabis law enforcement will help ensure a smoother transition to legalization while protecting Canadian cannabis companies, cannabis investors, and Canadian youth.

The Cannabis Act places much of the burden of regulation on each individual province. This means there will be variation between how each province allows for the sale of recreational marijuana and how they deal with enforcing regulations. Each province will need to devise a plan for cracking down on the black-market cannabis trade, reducing youth cannabis use, and educating the public about driving under the influence of cannabis. The additional enforcement funds will support training activities for officers and public education in each province.

Once recreational sales begin, provinces will receive a percentage of the tax revenue from sales to pay for their ongoing enforcement activities. Ultimately, some of the funds being funneled towards cannabis law enforcement will help aid Canadian cannabis companies by helping shut down illegal growers and sellers.

The Cannabis Act’s Possible Effects on Medical Cannabis Companies

Current medical cannabis companies may be wondering about the effect that recreational cannabis sales and use may have on their companies. Because medical cannabis companies focus on pharmaceutical grade cannabis and on helping their patients deal with a variety of issues, recreational cannabis may have little effect. After all, the Cannabis Act effectively adopts and strengthens the existing regulatory framework established by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

“Canada’s Cannabis Act is ground-breaking in its scope and vision. Canada is leading the world in setting standards for safety and efficacy. And, by allowing international import and export, Canada is embracing the future of the cannabis market by enabling cannabis consumers to purchase the highest-quality product at the lowest price point.” -Joseph Wright, Co-Founder of NuSierra and Former Director of the State of Illinois Medical Cannabis Program.

We won’t truly know how recreational marijuana sales will impact medical marijuana use and sales in Canada for many months. In the meantime, it’s important that companies continue to focus on providing quality products and on profitability. One way to do this is to source high-quality cannabis oil.

At NuSierra, a premier provider of Colombian cannabis oil, we quality check all of our cannabis to ensure it will meet or exceed any potential regulations. We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality cannabis oil so they can focus on helping their patients. While Canada continues to evolve in its approach to use and regulations of cannabis, we are poised to set an excellent example for other nations to follow suit.

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