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Investors Pay Attention to Colombian Partnerships for Cannabis Oil Production

Medical cannabis is a rapidly expanding global marketplace. From cannabis oil, to edibles, to flower products, consumers around the world are looking for safe, effective products that improve their lives.

Scientists are discovering new medical benefits every day, and governments in Canada and throughout the world are paying attention to these findings. As the acceptance of medical cannabis increases alongside the scientific knowledge of its beneficial effects, new jurisdictions are removing prohibitions upon the production and sale of cannabis.

These trends present new opportunities for cannabis businesses to find the most efficient locations to cultivate and produce medical cannabis, reaching brand new consumer markets for the first time.

NuSierra is well-positioned to help Canadian cannabis companies (and their investors) succeed. By supplying high-quality cannabis oil — cultivated and produced in Colombia — we provide a profitable sourcing model for our Canadian cannabis partners.

The Future of the Global Cannabis Market: Canada and Colombia

Canadian markets are currently exploding with investments in cannabis, and Canadian companies are racing to develop the newest and most effective forms of delivery. Cannabis oil is on the leading edge of the new cannabis market, and access to cannabis oil is crucial for long-term success.

With all-natural product sourcing now available in Colombia, Canadian cannabis companies are building profitable pipelines of cannabis production. Smart investors are jumping on board:

“If you pick a theme for 2018 it will be the globalization of medical cannabis. It’s not difficult to see a really substantial global market coming off what starts here.” – Bruce Linton, CEO at Canopy Growth Corp.

Why Colombia? It’s tapped into what many cannabis companies are looking for: high-quality cannabis oil produced under strict regulatory standards put forth by a government friendly to foreign investment.

The government of Colombia foresees the medical cannabis industry as an economic driver and is working hard to strengthen ties with Canadian cannabis companies.

The Perfect Environment of Colombia

Colombia allows the cultivation and extraction of cannabis solely for medical purposes. Since cannabis oil in Canada is the future of new products, Colombia has become a focal point of interest. The same land that is famous for producing the best coffee is now becoming renowned for growing the highest quality medical cannabis in the world.

With deep ties in both Canada and Colombia, NuSierra is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunity to cultivate medical marijuana in Colombia. NuSierra has selected the Colombian market for cannabis oil production for these key reasons:

NuSierra’s cultivation and processing team are experts in growing cannabis at industrial scale to ensure purity and potency. The team leverages years of expertise in horticulture and chemistry to nurture healthy cannabis plants and extract pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. When making products for chronically and terminally ill patients, pharmaceutical-grade purity is essential.

Colombia is uniquely situated to grow healthy cannabis plants. The temperate zone supports growth with a minimal need for artificial light or heat. NuSierra’s growers developed eco-friendly and pesticide-free methods of growing medical marijuana that relies on sunlight and harvested rainwater.

The government of Colombia has created a robust regulatory framework that tracks cannabis from seed to harvest to extraction to sale. At each step, NuSierra provides detailed information to the Colombian regulators about all of its processes. Further, every batch of medical cannabis and cannabis oil is required to be tested in an independent, certified laboratory for purity and lack of contaminants.

The Colombian Framework for Cannabis Regulation

Medical marijuana in Colombia is developing rapidly, due in part to the Colombian government’s sophisticated approach. The country’s goals are to build a stable cannabis industry, provide high-quality products for patients, and become the top exporter of medical marijuana in the world.

The Colombian government’s regulation represents its serious commitment to overcoming the negative perceptions held over from the 1980s. Furthermore, it demonstrates that medical marijuana in Colombia is viable, and the country is a real player in the cannabis industry.

With new laws coming into effect every day and new markets opening up all over Canada, medical cannabis companies will only grow if they diversify their cannabis production through both North and South America.

If you are investing in cannabis products, cannabis distribution or processing, then you need to find an innovative business that can ensure you the best product from seed to finished extract.

About NuSierra

From the Sierra Nevada mountains to your dispensary, NuSierra connects Colombian cannabis oil to the global marketplace.

NuSierra’s medical cannabis is grown-naturally by horticulturists and master growers in the sunny heartland of Colombia. We partner with companies who sell cannabis in Canada, providing them with the highest-quality cannabis oils on the market.

If you’re in a legal medical Cannabis market and able to import cannabis, contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business.