Medical Marijuana Hiring

Hiring is on the Rise in the Cannabis Industry – What Investors Need to Know

The cannabis industry is booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The legalization of recreational marijuana, which is set to take effect on October 17th, has many in the industry looking for new employees.

Jobs are located across the country and for a variety of different tasks. Previously, Canadian cannabis industry jobs centered around medical marijuana. However, as provinces prepare to roll out recreational marijuana, the industry has found a deep need for new employees. Those interested in making a career switch will find a plethora of opportunities that have ties to horticulture, quality assurance, and retail. Many supporters of cannabis use, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, may find a new calling helping to grow, cure, test, or sell recreational marijuana.

There’s a lot of speculation about what these new jobs will mean for unemployment numbers and the economy in general. At NuSierra, we’re wondering how this hiring boom will affect cannabis investors.

Cannabis Job Growth and Investment

As licensed producers are increasing their labor force with the expectation of high demand for recreational marijuana, investors may be wondering whether it’s a good time to get involved in the Canadian cannabis industry.

While the Cannabis Act restricts how cannabis can be marketed, many customers are already excited by the future accessibility and variety of cannabis products that are set to hit shelves come October. This is excellent news for cannabis investors and potential investors. The market is primed to grow, despite regulations. Taking the example of Washington and Colorado states in the U.S., it’s possible to identify how recreational marijuana may grow into a large industry with high revenue. Four years after both states legalized recreational marijuana, they continue to see growth in their cannabis industries (despite the fact that the U.S. Federal Government still views the sale or possession of marijuana as illegal). The states have seen an increase in cannabis tourism as well.

The growth of the Canadian cannabis industry presents new opportunities for investment. Not only are new entrepreneurs entering the industry, but other cannabis companies are expanding in order to meet future demand. With recreational cannabis comes a bevy of options for consumers, from edibles and vape cartridges to topicals and drinks.

The growth of the Canadian cannabis industry will likely vary by province due to the different restrictions and regulations the individual provinces are enacting and the variances in how they will approach sales. Savvy investors will be sure to research what effects these regulations may have on cannabis companies.

Future International Growth?

In addition, other countries will be watching Canada to see how legalization affects the country. We believe that it will have a positive impact, leading others to follow suit and thus increasing the opportunity for Canadian cannabis companies to grow internationally. This is certainly a longer view, however, it’s important to keep in mind what effects legalization will have beyond our borders. Currently, only Uruguay has legalized recreational marijuana. If Canada’s recreational model proves successful, we may see additional countries legalizing cannabis.

At NuSierra, we believe that cannabis can be a useful tool for managing one’s health. Our high-quality cannabis oils are pharmaceutical grade and well-tested to ensure that end-users are able to get the maximum benefit from each dose. By supplying cannabis oils to licensed medical marijuana producers in Canada, we aim to provide patients with the medicines they need to manage their conditions. We look forward to seeing our industry grow as recreational marijuana is finally introduced in Canada.

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