NuSierra Overview

Who We Are

NuSierra is a Colombian-based company, which is wholly-owned by iVIK Holdings LLC.

We created NuSierra to produce the highest quality cannabis flower and derivatives.

NuSierra Produces the Highest Quality Cannabis Flower and Derivatives

Premium Cannabis flower

Our cannabis is grown on a pristine mountainside farm where the climate is optimal for producing plants rich in beneficial cannabinoids and concentrated terpenes, resulting in the highest quality grow every time. 


Relevium™ refined oils are extracted from premium whole bud using CO2 extraction. All of our extract products are produced to ensure a consistent, high-terpene, full-spectrum oil.


Our bulk Relevium™ ingredient lines, RediMix and RediFill, are diluted for US distribution using a carrier oil of your choice, to standardized concentrations, ready to bottle in our Active, Daily and Original formulations. Have your own formulation? NuSierra can produce it.


Need 500L? Not a problem.

NuSierra can facilitate shipment of its products in bulk to International and U.S. destinations.

On Earth, Under Sun,
NuSierra Grows 100% Organic Cannabis

NuSierra relies on natural, 100% USDA and EU certified organic cannabis production, in the pristine, green fields of Colombia using spring-fed mountain water. Our extracts, distillates and derivatives are produced in a classified production environment compliant with international GMP standards.

Our Relevium™ CBD oil is single-sourced, from our own third-party, certified organic farms and processing facilities in Colombia. Premium, Relevium™ oil with preferred consumer characteristics, such as: full-spectrum, terpene rich, golden hue, and high levels of minor cannabinoids .  Relevium™ refined oils are extracted from premium whole bud using CO2 extraction.

The Organic Process

The highest quality cannabis starts with the environment. All NuSierra refined oil, starts with blue skies on the clean mountainside. Our mothers, clones and plants are nourished by the sun and fed by pure, spring water.

Our cultivation facilities are state-of-the-art and third-party certified as 100% organic hemp, because no one should have to worry about things like pesticide residue in their medicine.

NuSierra’s plants are hand-harvested and trimmed, by fair-paid workers. Flowers are carefully dried, preserving essential terpenes and in compliance with GACP requirements.

Controlled environment, manufacturing facility with clean, CO2 extraction of cannabinoids under GMP protocol adherence. Capacity for wiped film molecular distillates and large scale finished good manufacture.

NuSierra produces US Farm Bill and EU compliant ingredients and products. Relevium™ oil-based, RediMix™ and Redfill™, ingredient lines simplify your production.

We create natural products backed by science. Whether it is a tincture, capsule or advanced topical, under the Relevium™ brand or your own, NuSierra has a solution that fits your needs.