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Recreational Cannabis Legalized in Canada — Now What?

Cannabis enthusiasts and Canadian cannabis companies alike are heralding the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada this month. At the same time, it leaves some people wondering what will happen to the medical cannabis market.

The Cannabis Act: Passed June 18, 2018

This month, Canada became the second nation in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, and the first member of the G7 — the seven largest advanced economies in the world — to do so. Before allowing a vote, the government completed its due diligence, checking cannabis research and investigating the implementation of recreational cannabis in U.S. states like Washington and California. While the Cannabis Act established a strong regulatory framework for national cannabis sales, many questions still remain.

The Cannabis Act has both detractors and advocates. While some believe that legalizing recreational cannabis may lead to increased use by children, others see it as a way to diminish cannabis’s negative impacts on society — namely illegal trade and unsafe products. The main question both of these camps want an answer to is: What effect will cannabis legalization have on Canadian society?

Currently, under the Cannabis Act, each province is responsible for regulating sales within its borders. This means that there will be variance across the nation. For now, such regulations are still a work in progress, though it is clear there will be differences in how recreational cannabis is sold and the minimum age for use.

There is concern regarding policing and enforcement of the act, especially in terms of curbing driving under the influence. Differences in how these issues are addressed may lead to some provinces being more successful in rolling out their Cannabis Act enforcement measures.

Meanwhile, the federal government’s aim will be to license growers and to establish the legal framework for cannabis companies. A percentage of tax revenue from sales will be returned to the individual provinces, providing financial support for the implementation of the Cannabis Act: public education, law enforcement, and police training.

What About Medical Cannabis in Canada?

Until the Cannabis Act takes effect — currently slated for October 17, 2018 — recreational cannabis sales and use are still technically illegal under Canadian law. In the meantime, medical cannabis sales across Canada will continue unchanged.

Medical cannabis companies in Canada — who are committed to providing their patients with high-quality, pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis — do not need to fear the legalization of recreational cannabis. Those who rely on Canadian cannabis companies for medical-grade cannabis oil to relieve symptoms of cancer, depression, anxiety, and other issues or disorders, will continue to utilize the same brands they have come to trust.

Recreational cannabis and medical cannabis serve different purposes. Those who are managing particular symptoms need reliable, proven information about potency and dosage. Accuracy is important in these situations, as is the grade of the cannabis. Recreational cannabis users, on the other hand, are frequently seeking different experiences. They may want to sample different varieties and methods for ingesting or inhaling cannabis.

Public education efforts and a further crackdown on the illegal cannabis trade may help ensure that those who may benefit from medicinal cannabis are more willing to seek medical advice. The demystification of cannabis and the end of prohibition may actually make medical cannabis a more acceptable treatment option for more Canadians.

While some medical cannabis users may decide to frequent recreational cannabis dispensaries, it is likely that the majority of medical cannabis users will remain committed to the high-quality products they have come to trust. In addition, as cannabis becomes more commonplace as a medical alternative, more Canadians may find themselves turning to medical cannabis companies for assistance with mental and physical health symptoms.

The Cannabis Act goes into effect on October 17th, though, ultimately, the effects of cannabis legalization will not be clear for some time. So far, it has generated plenty of excitement and entrepreneurial aspirations, both of which can be positive for a thriving Canadian economy. It’s truly an exciting time for Canadian cannabis companies!

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