Relevium™ Branded Products

NuSierra Relevium™
Topicals, Tinctures and Capsules

NuSierra’s Relevium™ products are backed by science. We create products that people use and benefit from every day, activating naturally soothing ingredients to help relieve our customers’ symptoms and ailments. As natural products become more prevalent, there is a clear absence of product trial data demonstrating the efficacy and impact of these products on the body.

Our Relevium products provide activating, soothing natural solutions to help relieve symptoms and ailments in our original, active and daily tincture and capsule formulations. Starting with Relevium™ Active and Daily topicals for pain, we continue our R&D to address other ailments. Relevium™ topical lines utilizes the best ingredients, with direct delivery methods, and is supported by product trials so there is no compromise on quality, safety, or efficacy. Future formulations include those targeted to arthritis, cramps, restless legs, and hemorrhoids. From anti-aging to anxiety, natural treatments exist for many ailments. 

Join us in the natural health revolution to heal ourselves naturally.